Meet the Best Sellers: Briliant Colourful Glass Vases.

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Increase Your Sales with Bright High Quality Glass Rooters!
Our glass rooter collection offers 64+ possibilities for adding a whimsical splash of color to root plants or for accenting a wedding, party or home & garden décor.

Whether hung with ribbon or transparent monofilament line or arranged as tabletop accents, our versatile glass rooters add a charming touch both indoors and out. The wide variety of beautiful options are equally matched with an attractive price point to accommodate any budget.Click here to start shopping all rooter vases, or check out individual styles below.

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Store Display Options Maximize Sales

Our Metal Tree Floor Stand, ME115, provides an impressive visual impact with a minimal foot print and easy customer access. The Metal Tree is also a popular display option for our other garden products and seasonal product.

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