Make your life happier with a container garden

Seven jars with green plants.

A Health Benefit in a Jar

Starting a container gardening can be a fun, productive and inexpensive hobby for anyone. Apartment dwellers or those short on space only need a windowsill, balcony ledge, or small table in a sunny area of their home to cultivate a harvest that combines health benefits and a rewarding experience. Container gardens often are filled with annual flowers to bring color to a space but you may like to focus on a collection of plants for a more specific use.

Steep Some Soothing Medicine

The Couronne Five Round Glass Container & Metal Stand allows you to grow healthy homeopathic remedies to enjoy in soothing hot teas. A nice starter collection would be lavender, lemon verbena, chamomile, lemon grass, ginger, cilantro and mint. Use the herbs fresh or air dry them for later.

A refreshing alternative to traditional summer iced teas is to grow a variety of mints to enhance the flavor. With 600 different types ranging from Chocolate to Spearmint, your taste buds will be covered whether you’re in the mood for tangy or sweet.

Add a Dash of Aromatics with a Pizza Herb Garden

Whether your pizza consists of dough made from scratch and heirloom tomatoes or a last minute decision from the frozen section, adding fresh herbs elevates the flavor while adding a rustic touch. Keep a supply on hand by creating your own Pizza Herb Garden. Many herbs such as basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and parsley thrive by growing in close proximity. The Couronne Five Square Glass Container and Metal Stand is a garden at your fingertips. Position basil and rosemary in the middle as they tend to grow taller. Other herbs drape and are better suited along edges.

Simple & Fun Experiments for Kids

Share some family time and amaze the kids with any of these super easy beginner container gardening experiments. Sprouting beans in a jar is a fond memory I recall taught in our elementary school Science class, then replicated at home.

Slightly dampen a paper towel or two, enough to fit snugly against the sides of a Mason jar or similar, such as the M376-6184.

Next, press several beans such as lima or pinto between the paper towel and the jar. Place in a sunny spot and continue to keep the paper towels damp. Within days you will have spiraling tendrils that can be transplanted to a larger container or garden.

Another easy and fast growing project is a vine of a sweet potato.

Cut each potato into halves or several large sections. Place each section in a glass of water or small planter such as the Couronne Coastal Pablo Cube with half of the potato below the water line. Use toothpicks hold the potato in place. Set in a warm spot and you’ll be treated to beautiful decorative trailing vines within a few weeks.

Think Unique and Outside the Box

Use your imagination to showcase your personality and style by incorporating unique foundations for your garden. How fun is this toy truck “hauling” a load of succulents! Stabilize the toy by slightly anchoring the wheels into soft earth in a sunny area allowing the plants to trail with new growth. Container gardens are also a perfect way to reuse/upcycle items found around the home or at thrift stores for a very budget friendly project. Kettles, lanterns, bird cages, chandeliers, metal lunch boxes and even old boots can bring joy again while housing Spring blooms or herbs.

Starting a container garden can bring a sense of peace, creativity and sustainability while creating a healthy, uplifting environment.

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