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For Immediate Release:  December 31, 2012
Couronne Company, Inc. Expands Vase Category
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) - Couronne Company, Inc., a premier manufacturer in home dcor accessories and recycled glassware designs, is set to launch multiple new collections in the vase category during the January market circuit.    These designs will be available in time for Valentines Day and Mothers Day.
The new vase designs are available in clear, with select styles also available in trendy colors.  The new vase collections include designs in mini vases as well as larger vases ideal for bouquets with multiple stems and home decor.   

The Couronne clientele includes florists and gift shops that do a great deal of floral sales for both Valentines Day and Mothers Day.  Vase designs that are applicable to multi stem bouquets are an area where we had a void.  With these new collections, we are excited to have more options for those buyers looking for this specific need, said Dana Whitmire, Senior Sales Executive.
For more information on these vase designs, visit the website at
For Immediate Release:  December 31, 2012
Couronne Company, Inc. Expands Garden Collection
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) - Couronne Company, Inc., a premier manufacturer in home dcor accessories and recycled glassware, launched a garden collection in 2012 and continue to expand its product offering for spring 2013. 

With the addition of shepherds hooks in two sizes, Couronne is now more competitive in the garden space.  Couronnes current garden collection includes a variety of bird feeders and bird baths that can hang from chains, wall mounts and more.  By adding the shepherds hooks to their collection, Couronne can now fulfill requests from customers looking for uniquely designed, functional, garden hooks. 

Couronne has partnered with several national retail organizations that have a strong need for garden designs that serve a function, such as feeders and baths, said Dana Whitmire, Senior Sales Executive. 

We have a unique line that crosses over from home decor to garden, and with the addition of these shepherds hooks, well have even more designs that can bridge from interior decor to outside functionality.  Customers appreciate that our glassware is recycled and unique and that most designs can go from inside the home directly to the garden and serve different uses all with the same creative design.

Couronne plans to continue expanding this product category with additional designs to launch summer 2013.  For information on their current garden items, visit
For Immediate Release:  December 31, 2012
Couronne Company, Inc. Stays on Trend with the Pantone
Color of the Year for 2013:  Emerald
Manor, TX (Austin, TX)- Couronne Company, Inc., a premier manufacturer in home dcor accessories and recycled glassware, continues to stay on trend with a product offering that includes the 2013 color of the year, as determined by Pantone, Emerald .  With designs ranging from vases to bowls, Couronne continues to expand its product offering to include bright colors for all occasions.   

Green is the most abundant hue in nature the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. As it has throughout history, multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate. Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in todays complex world. This powerful and universally appealing tone translates easily to both fashion and home interiors. (Source:  

The Couronne product line continues to focus on offering unique styles in fashionable colors.  This year is no different.  The vast color options available allow for style options that fit every room and design need.                         

For Immediate Release:  December 31, 2012
Couronne Company, Inc. To Participate in Inaugural
Floor Party during Atlanta Market  
Manor, TX (Austin, TX)- Couronne Company, Inc., a premier manufacturer in home dcor accessories and recycled glassware, is set to participate in the Lucky 13 Floor Party to be held  on the 13th Floor of Building 2, during the Atlanta Market this January.  The event is to be held Friday and Saturday, January 11-12, 2013, from 4-late both nights.

Couronne, along with all showrooms on the 13th Floor of Building 2, were asked to join together to create a floor party to draw customers to the floor during the January market.  Each participating showroom is contributing toward a nightly drawing for $1,000, as well as specials and/or giveaways during the hours of the event.  All buyers are invited to visit each participating showroom for drinks, food, and a chance to receive an entry to the $1,000 drawing as well as take advantage of all of the extras the showrooms are offering for their buyers. 

It has been wonderful working with the showrooms that share our floor in an effort to ban together and draw customers to the floor for a collective cause, said Dana Whitmire, Senior Sales Executive.  Itll be fun seeing the advertising around the buildings and watching the response as customers join the showrooms on Friday and Saturday night.  Our collective hope is that this is a huge success and that we can continue forward with the event for future shows.
Immediate Release:  December 15, 2012

Couronne Company, Inc. Launches New Spring 2013 Catalog
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) - Couronne Company, Inc., a manufacturer of home dcor accessories and recycled glass packaging products, announced an early launch of their spring 2013 catalog this December. 

This new volume features Couronnes largest collection of products, a vast image gallery providing new design ideas, new products perfect for Valentines Day, Mothers Day, gardening, and more.  Featuring more than 1,500 items, the 100+ page, full-color catalog is a complete product reference guide for floral, home decor, interior design, packaging, gift and manufacturing companies.

Our customers use our catalog not only as a product reference guide, but also as inspiration for design.  By launching this catalog early, before markets, we are offering customers the opportunity to pre-order as well as pre-design. , said Dana Whitmire, Senior Sales Executive.  Customers often coordinate designs with various vendors and having the catalog in advance of shows allows them to shop with the knowledge of color trends and designs that we have available for the upcoming season.

Existing customers will receive copies in the mail by the end of the month.  All others may pick up their copy of the new catalog at the Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas or Minneapolis Showrooms or request them online at .  The catalog may also be downloaded from the corporate website at
For Immediate Release:  December 31, 2012
Couronne Company, Inc. Celebrates 20th Anniversary in 2013.
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) - Best known for designing and manufacturing recycled glass products; Couronne Company, Inc. will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2013.  Since it was founded in Chicago, IL in 1993, Couronne has grown to include a product line with over 1,500 designs and is known around the world for the eco friendly home accessories the company offers.

When Couronne opened in 1993 they had one product, water gems.  The company has since evolved, in large part due to customer requests for glassware, and now considers water gems to be an accessory to their ever expanding recycled glass and home accent product portfolio.  Couronne has evolved to include a custom manufacturing division, online website, and recently opened 2 permanent showrooms in Atlanta and Dallas.  

Couronne started out 20 years ago in the basement of my home and has grown into a business exceeding even my greatest expectations, said Lisa Robin, Co-Owner.  We are very proud of this milestone and are thankful to our loyal customers that supported us along the way.

The key to Couronnes success stems from the sincere belief that providing unique glassware designs that are affordable, environmentally friendly, and high quality are what customers are searching for.  The loyal following of customers that Couronne serves is testament to this belief. 

Now located outside of Austin, TX, Couronne is looking forward to the next 20 years.  With plans to expand their warehouse and office space, Couronne is looking ahead and continues to thank those that supported them along the way.


For Immediate Release:  December 15, 2011
Couronne Company, Inc. Team Member Starts Non-Profit
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) In 2011, one of Couronnes own, Amanda Cotcher, helped to start a non-profit organization supporting the brain tumor community. 

Hawktober is an Awareness campaign designed to bring more attention to brain tumors, those diagnosed with them, and survivors. Supporters Rock da Hawk in October to raise Awareness and generate funds to be used throughout the brain tumor community, says Cotcher, Couronnes East Coast Sales Representative. Cotcher continued, Research for brain tumors is dramatically under-funded compared to other types of cancer. Combine that with the fact that most people are unaware of the severity and side effects of brain tumors and treatment, and you begin to get a glimpse of why Hawktober is so important.

Cotchers husband, Matt, is a brain tumor survivor and a co-founder of Hawktober. Once a week, a local barbershop, Floyds 99, held Mohawk Mondays, offering free Mohawks.  Donations were collected at all three Floyds 99 locations in Austin, on Hawktobers website and at an end-of-month fundraising social event.  Couronne was pleased to participate in Mohawk Mondays and the social event.

Supporters joined the Hawktober movement in three different countries and more than 15 states. Following 2011s successful launch, the organization is creating a Board of Directors and Advisory Board and is filing paperwork to earn tax-exempt status.

For more information about this topic, visit Hawktober on the web at
For Immediate Release:  December 15, 2011
Couronne Company, Inc. and Staff Support Drops of Grace
Manor, TX (Austin, TX) - Couronne Company, Inc. and staff supported the Drops of Grace organization throughout 2011.  Drops of Grace is a local non-profit with a mission to partner with communities around the world to provide safe water, sanitation, health, education and shelter.

Drops of Graces call domestically is to partner primarily in disaster recovery. Early this year we worked with VOAD to help rebuild homes locally in Williamson County impacted by the Nov 2009 floods. In September, myself and a team of 10 partnered with Relief Spark in Joplin, MO, to help rebuild homes & lives devastated in the 2010 Joplin Tornado, said Treasa Telle, West Coast Sales Representative and Board Member for Drops of Grace.

In 2011, Drops of Grace sent a mission team of 15 to work internationally with their partner Somebody Cares Malawi, an organization whose mission is to empower local churches to reach out in a large number of areas of need to the poor and vulnerable, orphans and widows, and to those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. While there the group was divided into teams consisting of construction, medical, sewing, and education. These teams provided training and hands on building experience to a number of the Malawian young men, taught hand sewing and how to use sewing machines to widows, treated over 1800 patients providing healing, pain relief, caring, education and hope to people with a variety of illnesses, and worked with teachers and kids in classrooms providing training and assistance in 3 communities. 

The success of this mission was felt when a Community Center for Somebody Cares Malawi broke ground and young men were left with marketable skills and an endowment of tools the group donated to them.  Widows were given skills that will help them earn money and begin to break the cycle of poverty while gifted 5 sewing machines.  It is planned to have two mission teams revisit Malawi in summer 2012.

Drops of Grace hosts an annual fundraising event in October of each year.  Couronne donates product in support of the fundraising banquet.  For more information on Drops of Grace or to find out where you can help join in support of this great cause, please visit
For Immediate Release:  December 15, 2011
Couronne Company, Inc. Celebrates 5 Years of Dual Locations at
AmericasMart, Atlanta
Manor, TX (Austin, TX)- Couronne Company, Inc. celebrates completion of the 5th year of doing business in dual showroom locations at AmericasMart, Atlanta. 

Couronne joined AmericasMart in 1993, by opening a small booth in the temporary exhibits featuring a single product.  Since that time, product collections grew, the booth sizes expanded, locations moved to prominent placements and business continued to reflect increases.  In January 2007, Couronne Company, Inc. expanded their exhibits by opening a permanent showroom in the Gift Mart.  Business has continued to grow and has been able to support both locations remaining open despite fluctuations in the economy over the past few years. 

Its been interesting to see our product line evolve over the past almost 20 years.  We have watched our collection of products expand in large part to customers from AmericasMart that we have obtained and that have remained loyal to us over the years, said Chris Robin, Owner.   When we opened the permanent showroom, we anticipated that we would close our temporary space at some point.  Each year we are amazed that the support from customers in both locations remains strong and we are excited to celebrate our 5th year in two locations.

Couronne has since opened another showroom in Dallas, TX and looks forward to what opportunities the future will bring.  To visit the showroom in AmericasMart, visit Building 2, Showroom 1310/1354B or the temporary location in Building 3, Booth 1-300.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lisa Robin or visit Couronne on the web at
Summer Press Release 2011   

Manor, TX (Austin, TX)- Couronne Company, Inc. is proud to announce the anticipated opening of their new showroom located on the 3rd Floor of The World Trade Center, 2050 North Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207, Showroom 330.  Couronne will host its grand opening during the Dallas Gift Show, June 22-28, 2011.

Containing a wide selection of decorative glassware, home accessories, design ideas, and more, this showroom will be open to wholesale buyers only during all markets. 

We have long been an exhibitor at the Dallas Market.  We love the building and the customers we have met there have been invaluable to our business.  We wanted to have more space to display our products and host more customer appreciation events and with the opening of this showroom we will be able to do so, said Lisa Robin, Vice President. 

Couronne is continuously introducing new products, special offers and more that can be found on their website at  

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lisa Robin or visit Couronne on the web at
Couronne Company, Inc. Introduces Metal Designs for Rooter Vase Series
Manor, TX (Austin, TX)- Couronne Company, Inc., a leading manufacturer and designer of home dcor accessories and recycled glass products, extends the rooter vase collection to include  additional metal design components.

Couronne originally launched the rooter vase collection with the styles primary designed for use as wall hangings.  In response to customer requests, Couronne plans to expand this collection to include a tabletop stand and a floor stand offering customers more options for displaying the vase designs.  The tabletop stand can be used as home dcor or event centerpieces while the floor stand, resembling a tree, has been designed with event dcor and store display fixtures in mind. 

Couronne will introduce these new metal designs at the upcoming Dallas National Gift and Home Accessories Market opening June 22, 2011.
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