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About recycled glassware

All of our glass items are made from recycled glass. To find the percentage matching to the glassware, look for the icons displayed below.

Glassware accompanied with this icon is made from 40% post recycled glass from China
Glassware accompanied with this icon is made from 99% recycled glass from Spain

Affordable Eco Friendly Products

Couronne Company, Inc., a wholesale distributor of glassware and metal accents, prides itself on offering a vast selection of glassware and home décor products that are both eco-friendly and affordable. With a glassware selection that includes recycled glass materials, Couronne is able to offer a wide selection of styles at prices affordable for industries ranging from packaging to home décor.

Benefits To Recycling Glass

Couronne recognizes the importance of recycling glass, because it not only conserves the environment but it also saves energy. The process required to produce glass is quite simple as it is composed of sand, soda, lime and a lot of heat. The obvious benefits of recycling glass is to reuse and save our natural resources but the most important benefit of recycled glass is that it requires considerably less energy than that which is needed to melt raw materials.

MEthods To Producing Glass

There are several different methods of producing glassware: automatic, semi- automatic and hand or mouth blown. The variations in these methods are what make the final product so unique. The automatic method is primarily used for bottles and jars due to the fact that it is a fast, cost effective method to produce large quantities of an item. Items are never touched until they are completed and cooled. The semi-automatic method uses machines and human hands. The machine forms the mold and human hands assist in the more decorative aspects of the piece. Hand or mouth blown items are the most unique because glass artists spend years fine tuning their craft and may never create two identical pieces. Variations are often found in items produced by these methods.

There is a wonderful harmony created between the fully computerized manufacturing process and the artisan glassblowing techniques. Couronne Company is proud to be among the exclusive group of wholesale distributors for glassware.

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