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– Increase Your Sales with Bright High Quality Glass Rooters!

glass rooter vases

Our glass rooters are perfect for adding a whimsical splash of color to root plants or accent a special event, celebration or home and garden décor.

Over 64 Options for Any Special Occasion

Whether hung with ribbon or transparent monofilament line or arranged as tabletop accents, our versatile glass rooters add just the right touch both indoors and out for weddings, celebrations and special events. Our wide variety of options are beautiful with attractive price points that accommodate any budget.

Increase Sales and Add to Your Bottom Line with Great Price Points

With an MSRP at $7.95 or 3 for $19.95, the glass rooters are an easy sale in store. Adding our metal accessories for hanging options to your offering increases sales.

Our Single Metal Hook, M033, is perfect to hang individual glass rooters in any setting. 70% of customers purchasing multiple glass rooters for hanging will purchase either the Metal Hanging Bar with Hooks, M425, or the Decorative Metal Branches, M331.

Store Display Options Maximize Sales

Our Metal Tree Floor Stand, ME115, provides impressive visual impact with minimal floor space and easy customer access. The Metal Tree is also a popular display option for our other garden products and seasonal product.

Hanging rooters in a window is one of the best display options to accentuate the beautiful colors and shapes. Mount several of our M425, Metal Hanging Bars in front of a window, on a wall or from a ceiling to hang several rooters with a tabletop or shelf selection of grab and go rooters for easy customer access.

Call or email your sales representative if you need photos to market your products.

See Hanging Rooter Vases

See Hanging Rooter Vases

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