About Couronne Co.

Couronne Co. is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of glass and metal designs for home, event, garden and gift. Emerging from Europe in 1993, Couronne (Crown, Fr) Company, Inc. moved into the US market with vast success. We originated with a single product - Water Gems, a water based gel used with fresh cut flowers and plants. Responding to an increase in customer requests, we shifted our product line to include glassware. It is our glassware line that has since become the focus for Couronne Company and is the basis for all new product designs.

While our 100% recycled European glassware range had long been the company’s primary focus, a shift in product requests in 2005 led Couronne Company to develop a new glassware collection in China. The new line included bottles, jars, vases, bowls, candle containers and more made of 30% recycled glass.

In addition to our lines from Europe and China, we have since developed a popular and extensive line of metal home accents and corresponding accessories for glassware products. This product range includes wall sconces, tabletop stands, bottle caddies, and more, in which all metal designs are paired with glassware products. All product lines are in continuous development with new pieces being introduced each season.

As a leader in the wholesale and retail home décor and glassware industries, we continue to be a competitive source and will always be committed to its valued customers. With a dedicated effort to supply superior products, exceptional customer service, and timely delivery all at a competitive price, we recognize the needs of the customer both in product selection and service. For more information, visit CouronneCo.com.

Couronne Company continues to be a trendsetter in the industry and strives to offer a vast array of styles and designs to suit all tastes and price points. We remain grateful to our clientele and appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve the industry.

Recently, we launched our glass packaging division, Glassnow. Ideal for both the manufacturer looking to package their products and the retailer looking to add to their home décor range, Glassnow’s glass packaging products include recycled glass bottles, jars, candle containers, corresponding closures and accessories. Packaging products can be found on Glassnow.com.

To all of you, from all of us at Couronne Co. - Thank you!

Christophe & Lisa Robin
Owners, Couronne Co & Glassnow

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