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Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake

  • Dual Use Product- Can be used as a bird bath or bird feeder.
  • Bird Bath/Waterer- Enjoy hours of birdwatching as birds of all sizes flock for a rest or splash. To attract smaller birds and butterflies, simply place a layer of rocks or pebbles as a base and add a small amount of water for a shallow bath.
  • Bird Feeder- Offer mealworms, fruit, jelly, seeds, or suet to attract songbirds such as Orioles, Juncos and Bluebirds.
  • Detachable Glass Bowl- Supports quick and easy cleaning and filling
  • Adjustable Metal Stake- Allows for 3 varying heights to accommodate different feeding styles. Adjustable heights of 15.5", 26.25", or 37" provided by removing sections of stake.
  • Clean and Simple Design- Perfect for smaller spaces like flower pots or planters.
  • Product Measurements- 7" L x 7" W x 37" H
  • Gift Boxed- Packaged in a decorative gift box
  • Care Instructions - Hand Wash Only

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Color Options

Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake - Clear
Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake - Lime
Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake - Red
Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake - Orange
Mosaic Birds Cuban Garden Stake - Aqua

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