How to Accessorizing with style with SanDesign.

SanDesign used for sand ceremony

There is a saying that says, “Love is in the details.” Now, while I don’t think that the author of this quote had sand in mind, I think sand can add a special detail to a variety of decorative elements. SanDesign is a fine grain sand colored in ten different color hues to coordinate with holiday colors, decorative colors, and more. You can use it for a variety of purposes, from accenting a candle to complementing a wedding. Here are some of our favorite uses:

Sand ceremonies are becoming more and more popular aspects of wedding ceremonies. Many couples are replacing the traditional unity candle with a sand ceremony representing the joining of the two families. The Bride and Groom pour sand from individual containers into a center vase or bottle, creating an intertwined pattern that symbolizes the newly formed family.
The result is a decorative piece that they can display in their new home as a photo or other moment.

Sand placed beneath a pillar candle or filled in a taper candle holder adds a punch of color to the piece and helps protect the candle holder as the candle burns down. If candle wax drips onto the sand, it is easier to clean than wax that drips into a raw glass piece. Consider layering colors for an extra decorative touch.

Top off the soil in a plant with our black sand. It will add a nice shine and beautiful finish to the plant. Or, add natural or black sand to a terrarium containing a cactus garden to create a unique decorative touch.

Couronne offers custom colors for volume purchases. For more information, contact our sales team at 800-573-4367. Note, sand is dyed and not suitable for water-based projects. If you add water, all colors, except natural and black, will fade.

Why do you love our sand? Feel free to share your decorative ideas on our blog. We would love to hear from you.