Soar into Spring with Colorful Bird Feeders!

Two Birds in Couronne's Cottage Glass & Metal Bird Feeder

With the Spring Equinox just days away, many of us are looking forward to seeing all our feathered friends make their seasonal appearance. From hovering hummingbirds to dark-eyed juncos, we’ve got the perfect perch and feeder for flocks and charms of favorite birds.

Our latest bird houses and feeders in vivid colors are sure to make this season of backyard birding the best ever. Check out previews for each below, then click the links to view and buy on…

6 inch Metal and Glass House Bird Feeder Couronne Co collage 4

Metal & Glass House Bird Feeder
New to our Bird Feeder Collection is the Metal & Glass House Bird Feeder. This stylish modern bird abode is sure to have all of your feathered friends flocking and feeding. Shown here in brilliant aqua, the feeder also comes in equally vivid hues of lime, orange and red. It comes tucked in a fetching box perfect for gifting.

7 Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder
7” Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder in Red
Made of recycled glass and metal, the 7” Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder is sure to attract a large charm of these enchanting creatures. Use a single feeder or link them to each other to feed a flock! Simply lift the glass lid and pour hummingbird nectar into the dish. During the winter, store away the hummingbird lid and it will become a feeder without drainage and is perfect as a mealworm feeder, jelly, or suet pellet container. It will attract many song birds such as Blue Birds, Orioles, Juncos, and many more depending on your location and season. Gift box included.

7 inch hanging sphere hummingbird - couronne co
7” Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder
Hang a single feeder or link several together to feed a larger crowd!  The 7” Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder offers a pretty perch and feeding station for hummingbirds dining solo or in a charm. The feeder is made of recycled clear and red glass and black finished metal. The red glass lid has four holes for convenient feeding and is easily lifted to pour nectar into the dish. Store away the lid in the winter for an instant feeder without drainage. It’s then perfect as a mealworm, jelly, or suet pellet container. Attract your favorite winged friends in your own backyard, or give as a present in our attractive box ready for gifting.

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Click here to see our 7” Hanging Sphere Hummingbird Feeder in action. Share the video with customers as an excellent way to promote the product in your own line.