See how to help birds during the spring migration.

A red bird in a blue bird bath

Spring migration is upon us. Migrating can take a toll on birds with long distances, changing climates, and the challenge of food sources. Some simple tips can help ensure your new visitors are happy, healthy and rested.

1. First, clean your current bird houses of any old nesting materials. Remove any decomposing seed from feeders and the ground below to eliminate the chance of mold, bacteria and infectious disease. Bleach is not recommended as it may be fatal. Instead, use a mild liquid dishwashing soap.
Couronne’s Cottage Glass & Metal bird feeder provides a cozy shelter from April showers as well as a feeding station for snack and rest breaks. The ½ cup volume makes daily replenishing a breeze. Offer high energy treats such as suet, mealworms and jellies.


2. Create shallow 2” hydration stations in your garden for both drinking and play time. A layer of small pebbles will add height and stability for smaller species. Couronne’s Cuban stake bird baths add a splash of color and whimsy to your garden while providing refreshment for birds and butterflies. The adjustable stake promotes watering or feeding stations at various heights.


3. Add extra feeders during Spring as hungry fliers will be jostling for space. Cluster several feeders in one area and offer different foods. This will help in curbing aggressive competition and appeal to different feeding styles. Consider mashed banana or other overripe fruits to attract butterflies also in transit. The Couronne Hummble Bold Bird Feeder can be hooked together as a chain or strung from a branch in groups to accommodate a large number of travelers.


4. Lastly, place your feeders and houses within view of your favorite window or seat for hours of enjoyment. #couronneco #birdfeeders #birdhouses #birdmigration #birdwatching